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how to pump up your blog

3 Ways To Pump Up Your Blog

There are 3 Ways To “Pump Up Your Blog” that you need to pay close attention to, in order to advance your blog to the next level. Are you a blogging pro or a blogging newbie? Either way, maybe it’s time to “Pump Up Your Blog.” What do you think? Have you been blogging a […]

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Bloggers giving away best information

Should Bloggers Give Away Their Best Information?

I was recently asked “why should  bloggers give away their best information for free, rather than make readers pay for it?” I answer questions from students and clients all the time in my coaching program, but this one in particular caught my eye. After all, the question continued, doesn’t giving out your best work, advice […]

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Customer Engagement

When Customer Engagement Matters Most

While building strong relationships with your customers is always the fuel that drives your business, there are times when customer engagement matters most. Those times, are when things go wrong. Lets face it my friends, bad stuff happens in life, and in our business.  Sickness, death, bankruptcy, failures… even bad weather. Just about anything can […]

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Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Email Marketing Is Not Dead, Bloggers

Email Marketing Is Not Dead, Bloggers. In fact, now… more than ever… you really need to understand how email marketing is the path to harnessing the hidden potential of your blog. And while email marketing is not just for bloggers, it is essential to building any online business that uses a blog as its centerpiece. […]

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Listbuilding For Bloggers | Why and How

  Listbuilding for bloggers is probably the most important reason to blog in the first place.   Here’s “Why” bloggers need to be listbuilding, and “How” they can do it.   Why? Unless you’re purely a recreational blogger, you want to build a database of your readers and followers.   That way, you can interact […]

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Earn More Affiliate Commissions

Earn More Affiliate Commissions

You can earn more affiliate commissions, and I’m going to show you some really cool ways to do that. Well, actually, I won’t be showing you that, today. But I’m going to introduce you to a blogging authority who will. You see, I’ve asked fellow blogger and internet marketer, Enstine Muki, to step up to […]

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Lik-Dropping Pisses Me off

Link Dropping Pisses Me Off

Did you ever put up a post on a social site and BAM… someone comes in and just drops their affiliate sales link on it?  To make matters worse, the sales link probably has nothing at all to do with your post.  This is why “link dropping” (as I like to call it) totally pisses me off! Social […]

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2015 Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels In 2015

I’ve been telling my clients to start their sales funnels in 2015. More than a few of them, knowing nothing about sales funnels, have asked me to suggest ways to get their businesses on the right track for the new year. The “Know-Nothings” Some of my clients don’t have any business at all, really.  I affectionately call […]

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Look Back To Move Forward

Look Back To Move Forward

Sometimes we need to take time out to revisit what we have accomplished in running our own business.  I find that to look back is to move forward.  It is an amazing experience.   David and I decided to take time off at the end of 2014 and start 2015 with a fresh new review […]

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Taking Time Out

Taking Time Out

The beginning of the new year is here and I chose to take some time out. 2014 was plenty busy for me. My first digital product “Blogging Magic” was released. My members only coaching club, the “Whirlwind Success VIP Club” went live. I started the production of several other digital products for bloggers and online […]

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10 Best Ways to Blog in 2015

The 10 Best Ways To Blog in 2015

Today I want to give you a checklist of the 10 best ways to blog in 2015. While this is not a complete list of the things you need to do, I hope it will get you asking yourself some questions about how you are going to blog in 2015. Many of you bloggers have […]

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Blogging in 2015

Blogging In 2015

Blogging in 2015 will be an exciting adventure for those of you who are ready to answer some basic challenges. Many of my clients, readers and subscribers will be working toward a major blogging goal in the upcoming year… Turning their blogs into a business, or at least a better performing one. I work with a lot of new and […]

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