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Shrink Your Email List

Shrink Your Email List

Shrink your email list, only if you want to increase your email profits. I know, you’re thinking I’m a bit confused. It sounds funny to talk about “shrinking” your email list when mostly what you hear around the water cooler is to build up your list. Let’s start with this. What’s so great about having […]

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Your Silent Inner Voice

Your Silent Inner Voice

  Your silent inner voice often can speak loud and clear when you allow it. Did you ever get a vision of what you want to do for your business? By this I mean a totally clear understanding not only in your mind but also throughout your entire being. Something that pops up and you […]

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3 Bet Ways to Brand Yourself

Best 3 Ways To Brand Yourself

I consider these to the best 3 ways to brand yourself as a blogger. People want to know who you are when they visit your blog. They’re looking for a leader, teacher, authority, and expert. People who visit your blog are looking for answers to their problems. You should position yourself as the person who […]

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Got Business Swag

Got Business Swag?

How about it… you got business swag? Do you strut your swag? Do you do what you gotta do, to build it? You see, we all have swag. One of the slang definitions of “swag” from the Online Slang Dictionary (dot com) is this: The appearance of being very cool, smooth, looking good, dressing nice […]

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Grow Your Online Business

Growing Your Online Business

You are in business, and you want it to grow.  You may have a grandiose plan in your mind and you may have even started to grow your business. But my question to you is… just how are you growing your online business? Adapting to change can be difficult in our lives, but there is […]

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Early Mover Advantage

Early Mover Advantage

I’m the type of gal that just can’t pass up a bargain.  This is why I like to know all about the latest tools and systems coming out for my business.  I find that when I jump on something new, it is more cost efficient.  So I’m an early mover.  And I’m always looking to […]

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How to get blog ideas

How To Write Blog Posts Like Crazy

Do you know how to write blog posts like crazy?I do.In fact, I’ve been doing it for quite a while.Not only blog posts, actually, but all kinds of stuff from one-page sales letters to 200-slide Powerpoint presentations.Most bloggers I coach, though, are particularly interested in how to write blog posts like crazy. What’s Crazy About […]

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Affiliate Marketing Blog

9 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

In this article, I’m going to give you a list of the “9 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers.” There are, of course, numerous affiliate programs.  This is a short list of ones that I think affiliate bloggers should consider using. I do very little (next to none) affiliate marketing on my own personal blog. But […]

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The Blogging Entrepreneur

The Blogging Entrepreneur

OK, my blogging entrepreneur friends… this is going to be a treat for you. You know I rarely bring guest bloggers to my site, yet this is my second one in a row! I didn’t really expect this, but when I ran into James McAllister recently, I knew I had to get him in front […]

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Are You Reaching Your Goals

Are You Reaching Your Goals?

It is the beginning of March and where I live, the snow still stands three feet high. Although it is still cold, there is something in the air that makes me feel like a dog with it’s head out of the car window. I can smell Spring coming. With this in mind, I realize we […]

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how to pump up your blog

3 Ways To Pump Up Your Blog

There are 3 Ways To “Pump Up Your Blog” that you need to pay close attention to, in order to advance your blog to the next level. Are you a blogging pro or a blogging newbie? Either way, maybe it’s time to “Pump Up Your Blog.” What do you think? Have you been blogging a […]

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