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Build Your Band

Build Your Brand

The first thing to do with your blog, new or old, is to build your brand. I’ve been doing a lot of individual and team coaching since the release of my new Whirlwind Success VIP Club. I’ve been talking to a lot of new bloggers, but also many very well established bloggers. I think the […]

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Joint Ventures

  I know many bloggers who have done joint ventures with each other at critical stages in their professional development. One of the more common types of JV partnerships I’ve seen involves bloggers who want to create a digital information product.  Maybe they want to sell a course showing people how to prepare nutritious vegetarian meals, a training tutorial teaching […]

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Thank You To Some Amazing Bloggers

Thank You To Some Amazing Bloggers

I want to take time out this week and give a special thank you to some amazing bloggers.  This is a group of bloggers who have dedicated some of their valuable time and effort to feature me in their own blogs.  It seems like every time I turn around lately, I’m being referenced, mentioned and featured on so […]

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List Building

List Building With Social Media

List building with social media is an excellent way to harness your following through natural, organic means. List building, in fact, may be the single most important strategy that most online marketers, bloggers and network marketers need to develop.  That’s why so many entrepreneurs spend tons of money advertising.  It’s not to sell products and services as much as […]

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Learn To Blog Your Brand

Learn To Blog Your Brand

When you’re ready to strut your stuff, you’ll need to learn to blog your brand. You see, your blog may be about cooking, swimming or orange juice making. But that’s just blogging. Now it’s time to go beyond all that and learn, not just to give cool content about your niche, but to put yourself […]

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Ready to take the next step in business

Take The Next Step

  I’ve been doing a lot of individual strategy sessions, lately, and one thing I have found that so many people have in common is their fear to “take the next step” in their business. People get comfortable performing the same tasks day in and day out.  They get good at them, people give them positive feedback for […]

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Coaching For Online Entrepreneurs

Coaching For Online Entrepreneurs

Just about all online entrepreneurs can benefit greatly from coaching. The fact is, though, most of them don’t get the help they need. They usually intend to. They know they ought to. It’s the next thing on their short list of to-do’s. But somehow, it never happens.  I have found among the majority of my […]

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Loyal Customers

Do You Have Loyal Customers?

It’s one thing to have a database of customers, but quite another to have loyal customers.  Online entrepreneurs work hard to build a list of subscribers, then convert them into customers.  Sad to say, many of them think that’s the end of the story. I guess it is, if you want your business to end […]

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Trust Building

Building Trust

Building trust underlies everything you do online. You could be a blogger, a biz-op team leader or an affiliate marketer. In every instance, if you are not actively building trust among your followers, then you are bypassing the opportunity to build your business. So what is the best way to build trust? In a recent […]

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Talking to the world

Talking To The World

When you blog, know that you are writing to the entire world.  It has to be part of your mindset when you are blogging.  This is why they call it the World Wide Web! Ever think of that? So, when you are writing your blog post, there are many things to consider before you push […]

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Stick to your niche?

Stick To Your Niche?

I hear a steady chatter about why, as a blogger, you must always stick to your niche topic.  I agree that it’s important to have a well defined niche.  There are times, though, when you can actually expand your focus by exploring other niches, particularly ones that are related to your own. Bloggers often stick […]

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Create Your Awesome Authority

Create Your Awesome Authority

Bloggers and online entrepreneurs need to get some “awesome authority” for themselves.  That’s how they can jump the line of all those who are patiently waiting to establish some kind of ordinary, same-old authority that nobody cares about. Here’s the difference. When you gain recognition as an authority… that milestone that folks labor and struggle […]

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