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Google is like my Ex Husband

Why Is Google Like My Ex?

Seems like Google changes so much it has a personality just like my ex husband (key word here is ex lol)  No matter what I did for that man he was never satisfied. I would cook his favorite dinners, then he would complain that he wanted something else.   He was never pleased with anything I […]

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Guest Lesly Federici

Guest Blog Post | Lesly Federici

I’ve known Lesly Federici for a long time.  Besides business buddies, we have become friends.  Lesly has a knack for helping others.  She recently started a community of bloggers, which I was happy to join.  Not only is it a  syndication group, but Lesly takes it the extra mile with weekly Google+ Hangouts, learning modules, […]

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Sidebar Blindness

As a blogger, I’m sure you are busy reading many blogs.  My question to you is do you have sidebar blindness?  Or…do you read everything on a person’s sidebar when you visit their blog?  Do you actually go to them?  Sign in for newsletters?  OR…have you developed a blindness when it comes to all those […]

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Engagement Blogging

There are many styles of blogging. Many people blog in order to build authority in a certain niche.  Others try to introduce their product or business, promote affiliate offers, or share their expertise on a particular topic.  There are still other reasons people blog.  I’ll bet you’ve seen some of them. Another reason people blog […]

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4 Essential Steps Of Affiliate Blogging

Many bloggers try to develop income as affiliate marketers.  It’s a good strategy, but not nearly as simple as it might seem. So, here’s the simple plan. You grab an affiliate link for a Clickbank product, or maybe a cool WordPress plugin you just found out about.  Write a blog post about the product, ask […]

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Blogging For Network Marketers

Network marketers need to build teams.  Teams of customers, but even more importantly, teams of sales reps or organization “down-lines”. Team building is why they’re be engaged in network marketing to begin with.  Yet, they’re frequently content to settle for a company website or the “company replicated blog”.  That’s a big mistake, though. The whole […]

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Entrepreneurs Have Holidays Too

 How does an entrepreneur handle holidays? Being an entrepreneur and running a blog, or any online business for that matter, requires a consistent effort and a lot of your time.   But what happens to an entrepreneur when a holiday rolls around?  Do you continue your business, or take a break to enjoy your family […]

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Marketing Your Blog

I’ve been marketing products and services online for quite some time now. My gosh, there are so many aspects to it, doesn’t it just make your head spin sometimes? It doesn’t have to be confusing, though, you just need to get the right strategies to move you forward.   My husband David, used to be […]

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Persistence For Online Success

I’ve spoken about the importance of developing the right character traits required to achieve online success. One of those traits is persistence. I’ve worked with a lot of people online who have had varying degrees of success, and persistence is a character trait that every one of them developed. In this article I’ll explore a […]

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