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My 200th Blog Post Celebration

What can I say about reaching this milestone of my 200th blog post?   Well, let me start here.  A few months ago, I was alerted that our images, even paid ones could lead to copyright problems unless you are extremely careful.  Some people were faced with law suits, because they were grabbing free images […]

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Facebook Is A Marketer’s Dream

Some people are upset that Facebook has gone corporate.  They tell me that their posts don’t get the organic social reach they once did.  While that may be true, I still think that Facebook is a marketer’s dream. I’ll give you a few reasons why I say that, then I’ll share with you a short […]

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Why Updating Your Blog Is Important

When you hear the term “updating” what is the first thing you think of?  Probably updating your plugins or updating to the newest version of WordPress.  But it goes way beyond that.  Now I am not a techie, but noticed there were some things about my blog that needed re-vamping.  Here is a list that […]

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How To Deal With Going Off Line For A Week

Bloggers know how it is.  We are on line every day.  Blogging, chatting it up on social sites, and of course, running the marketing end of our business.    We get so caught up in our 2-dimensional world, that abandoning it for several days can create a bit of anxiety. If you are like me, […]

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Is Your Blog A Graveyard?

Let’s talk about your blog. Does it look empty and lonely with too few comments? Comments are absolutely necessary in order to get some social juice to your blog. If your blog looks like a Graveyard… and you want to get more comments and social buzz, then here are some things you can do.   […]

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Getting My Product Live

  I’ve had quite a few questions about how I made my first digital information product “live.” It’s not really a simple process.  Truthfully, my husband (I think most of you know “David Merrill 101″) did the bulk of the technical work, and I focused on actually creating the product.   Now that the product […]

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Blogging for Marketers

  Introducing “Blogging Magic”       Are you an affiliate or network marketer? Marketers and business or opportunity team leaders often need to educate their subscribers and followers how to use blogging in order to market products, opportunities and services.   Are you a marketer or team leader who spends time, effort and resources […]

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Not All Comments Are Equal

Social media engagement is so important in the current world of blogging.  Pages, posts and your entire blog are ranked by search engines largely on the amount of social engagement your blog generates.   One of the key ingredients to social engagement is the amount and quality of comments that your blog posts get, not […]

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