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Be A Successful Blogger

What Would You Sacrifice to be a Successful Blogger?

Did you ever ask yourself what would you sacrifice to be a successful blogger? I coach a lot of bloggers who struggle with these kinds of things… getting traffic to their sites converting traffic into buyers and clients building an email list knowing what to do with their email list creating great content consistently marketing […]

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How to do Product Reviews on Your Blog

How To Do Product Reviews on Your Blog

You need to know how to do product reviews on your blog if you want to earn affiliate commissions or paid sponsorships. To earn commissions, you can review a product. Then give people your affiliate link within the same blog post. This gives them the opportunity to purchase a product you just reviewed, and you […]

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Welcome – How Is This Blog Different?

I Make Blogging Simple. Less Confusion More Solutions! Too Complicated?I make it simple Poor Results?I show you how Can’t Implement?We’ll go step-by-step Take The First Step Now…  Suscribe to my World-Class “FAST START BLOG TRAINING” ProgramIt’s For Newbies + Pro Bloggers Wanting Better Results CLICK HERE TO START for FREE >> Inspiration… Interaction… Implementation -and-if you’re itching to get started  Take […]

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The Best Kind Of Content To Offer On Your Blog

The Best Kind of Content to Offer on Your Blog

The Best Kind Of Content To Offer On Your Blog is content that engages your readers. I recently wrote about how bloggers build a following when they lead the way. Well, the best way to do that is to give your readers content that they can resonate with… will easily digest… understand without a dictionary… […]

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Why Video is so Important for Bloggers

Why Video is so Important for Bloggers

There are many reasons Why Video Is So Important For Bloggers. Bloggers need to connect with their audience. They need to build a relationship with them. Most of all, they need to earn their trust. Oh, and don’t forget… you want to drive traffic to your blog, too, don’t you? Video is probably the best […]

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