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Boost Your Blog With Social Media

You can boost your blog with social media by crafting a daily work plan… and sticking to it. Social media sites are pretty hard to ignore if you are trying to build a successful blog, or any other online business for that matter. Always remember that you are the face of your blog and you need to establish a […]

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How to make a Youtube Card

How To Make YouTube Cards

Learning how to make YouTube cards is a task well worth the time if you are a blogger, networker or internet marketer.   In my last post I talked about ways to get free traffic by implementing a consistent YouTube strategy.   One of the keys to making this strategy work is by using the […]

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5 Wise Bloggers

I want to introduce you to 5 wise bloggers who have been writing some really valuable articles lately. I know each of these 5 wise bloggers very well and wanted to give them the recognition that they are so well deserving of. More than that, since these posts are mostly about blogging, each one you […]

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The Nature Of Your Blog

The Nature Of Your Blog

What’s the nature of your blog? OK, now don’t think I lost it here, but I promise this analogy will help you see that your blog isn’t something dangling in space, but rather part of you, and a part of nature. Humans are part of nature. Everything we do and express becomes part of nature […]

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3 Bet Ways to Brand Yourself

Best 3 Ways To Brand Yourself

I consider these to the best 3 ways to brand yourself as a blogger. People want to know who you are when they visit your blog. They’re looking for a leader, teacher, authority, and expert. People who visit your blog are looking for answers to their problems. You should position yourself as the person who […]

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Got Business Swag

Got Business Swag?

How about it… you got business swag? Do you strut your swag? Do you do what you gotta do, to build it? You see, we all have swag. One of the slang definitions of “swag” from the Online Slang Dictionary (dot com) is this: The appearance of being very cool, smooth, looking good, dressing nice […]

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How to get blog ideas

How To Write Blog Posts Like Crazy

Do you know how to write blog posts like crazy?I do.In fact, I’ve been doing it for quite a while.Not only blog posts, actually, but all kinds of stuff from one-page sales letters to 200-slide Powerpoint presentations.Most bloggers I coach, though, are particularly interested in how to write blog posts like crazy. What’s Crazy About […]

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Affiliate Marketing Blog

9 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers

In this article, I’m going to give you a list of the “9 Best Affiliate Programs For Bloggers.” There are, of course, numerous affiliate programs.  This is a short list of ones that I think affiliate bloggers should consider using. I do very little (next to none) affiliate marketing on my own personal blog. But […]

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The Blogging Entrepreneur

The Blogging Entrepreneur

OK, my blogging entrepreneur friends… this is going to be a treat for you. You know I rarely bring guest bloggers to my site, yet this is my second one in a row! I didn’t really expect this, but when I ran into James McAllister recently, I knew I had to get him in front […]

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