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how to become a distraction free blogger

How To Become A Distraction Free Blogger

If you’ve never thought of how to become a distraction free blogger, then you may wonder how some people seem to get so much done, while others struggle to accomplish very little. I know I’ve been there. I’ve worked so hard on something and maybe taken weeks or even months to get it done. Then I see somebody else do the same thing 5 times in a month! How does that even happen? Distraction […]

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How Do I Get People to Love My Blog?

How Do I Get People To Love My Blog?

“How Do I Get People to Love My Blog?” you, and so many other people ask me. People will love your blog when they see it as a place that can make their lives better. That means, that they are convinced it can solve one key problem they have in their lives or in their […]

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Creative vs Self-Disciplined Blogging

Creative vs. Self-Disciplined Blogging

Did you ever stare at a blank document because you have to write a blog post? Is your mind so creative that you come up with many ideas and go around in circles? Special: Get My Best Blogging Secrets Now (Free) Do you consider yourself to be a creative thinker? Well if you do, this post […]

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Get Freelance Work from LinkedIn

Get Freelance Work from LinkedIn – It’s Easier Than You Think

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for locating and landing freelance work. So many of my blogging students hunt for side hustles while they’re building an online business, that I knew this would be an interesting topic. Richard Rowlands, in How to Find Freelance Writing Clients on LinkedIn (WriteWorldwide), calls LinkedIn a “goldmine” for landing freelance […]

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Do You Have The Guts For Blogging Success?

Do You Have The Guts To Succeed In Blogging?

People usually get indignant when I ask “Do You Have The Guts To Succeed In Blogging?” But it’s really not just about being tough-minded. It’s more about knowing how to Unleash Your Inner Potential. Have you ever considered the very idea of Your Inner Potential? Well, it really does exist. We all have inner potential, […]

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