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7 Ways You Can Market Online

7 Ways You Can Market Online

In this article I will share 7 Ways You Can Market Online. Now, these are not the only ways to market online, but I consider them to be the 7 most effective ways. Marketing online consists of several components. First, you need to have a clearly defined niche. Second, you have to determine what products […]

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Who Doesn’t Want Recurring Income?

So really, now… Who Doesn’t Want Recurring Income? In fact, one of the most lucrative types of blogs and websites uses “recurring income” as it’s main business model. It seems kind of obvious, doesn’t it? Which would you prefer? Get paid once (what online marketers call the “one-off” option)… -or- Get paid regularly, typically, every […]

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Have You Reached Your 2015 Goals?

Have You Reached Your 2015 Goals?

My dear readers, have you reached your 2015 goals? Each year we make goals for our blogs and our business. We reach some of them successfully, but others never even get started on. Sometimes we pursue our goals through to the end, and sometimes we change our course or just get lost and distracted altogether. […]

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Less Is More

Less Is More

Less is more… when you can do less in your online business, and get more results. Most of my regular readers know that I coach people who are starting or running an online business. Most of my clients struggle with trying to do more. And they usually want to do more, faster. This almost always […]

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What Is Your ROI

What’s Your ROI?

Whether folks tell me their ad campaigns are going well, or not as well as they like, I immediately ask “what’s your ROI?” “ROI” is your “return on investment.” This is a pretty standard measure of how successful any particular ad campaign is, or more broadly, how successful your business is. The funny thing is, […]

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Are Your subscribers responsive to your emails?

Are Your Subscribers Responsive To You?

Are your subscribers responsive to you when you send them emails? How about your Facebook friends? Do they respond to your posts and share them around? Don’t forget your Twitter followers, blog visitors and all the other folks you’re in touch with every day. Are they responsive to you? I’ve been emailing to many of […]

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Road To Periscope

The Road To Periscope

Walk with me, on “the road to Periscope” today. On a recent call with one of my mentors, it was suggested to me that Periscope is a great way of connecting to people. Now you know me my dear friends, and I love to make connections with others. So I went on my way to […]

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The 20 Percent Solution

What is the 20 percent solution to finishing the big project that’s still sitting on your desktop? After many years of consulting with people both online and offline as to accomplishing their goals, I’ve pretty much come to this conclusion… The average client I work with (call her “Kathy”) does a really great job of […]

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