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8 blogging fears you can overcome

8 Blogging Fears You Can Overcome

I’ve identified 8 Blogging Fears You Can Overcome when you understand how. Are you letting any of these fears block you from building a spectacular blogging business? Isn’t it time you overcome these fears and unlock your full potential? Now, I’m sure there are blogging fears other than the 8 I’ve chosen to talk about. But […]

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Are You A Blogging Zombie?

Are You A Blogging Zombie?

Are you a blogging zombie? Are you a blogger who is walking dead through the blogosphere? Blogging zombies are bloggers who just mull around without any sense of direction or purpose. They have no confidence themselves, so they consume the thoughts and ideas of other people without rhyme or reason. They blindly follow a crowd […]

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Less Is More

Less Is More

Less is more… when you can do less in your online business, and get more results. Most of my regular readers know that I coach people who are starting or running an online business. Most of my clients struggle with trying to do more. And they usually want to do more, faster. This almost always […]

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