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The Perfect Blend To Grow Your Business

The Perfect Blend

As a child growing up in an Italian American home, every Sunday I would wake up to the sweet aroma of a fresh sauce cooking slowly on the stove top. My dad loved to spend Sunday mornings creating that perfect blend for his pasta sauce. It was quite a labor of love.  It took him several hours to make. Now, […]

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Ready to take the next step in business

Take The Next Step

  I’ve been doing a lot of individual strategy sessions, lately, and one thing I have found that so many people have in common is their fear to “take the next step” in their business. People get comfortable performing the same tasks day in and day out.  They get good at them, people give them positive feedback for […]

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Marketer Mindset

People Should Know These Things!

When you have fully adopted a marketer’s mindset, things look different to you everywhere you go.  A person with a marketer’s mindset sees a world where everything is marketable.  Now, by no means do I have the answers to everything, but it is simple logic once you have this mindset instilled in you. A marketer […]

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Assessing The Past

As we go into the month of December, it is a feeling of “endings” because of the calendar year.  A time to wrap things up (other than gifts lol).  A time to look back and reflect on what accomplishments we have made in the past year. A time you are assessing the past. Some people […]

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Last flood of Ithaca NY

Mother Nature Stops Business

As an internet marketer, I am zoned in on business 24/7.  Even on vacation, I can be walking on a beach miles from home and notice that  something  reminds me of business.  Yes, my mind might be somewhat relaxed at times, but I always keep a business perspective.   I am not addressing the issue of […]

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Love And The Entrepreneur

For many years, I have been doing psychic readings.  I built up an awesome professional practice as a psychic consultant in Nyack, New York.  “Mind over Matter”, as my practice was called, caught on so fast that it became a 7 day a week undertaking.  When I moved away, my clients followed me via phone […]

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