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4 Productivity Tips For Bloggers

4 Productivity Tips For Bloggers

These 4 Productivity Tips For Bloggers will keep you sharp and on top of your game. It’s very important for bloggers to use their time productively. Anyone can put a lot of time into doing a lot of busy work, spinning their wheels on Facebook and tweeting their brains out while accomplishing very little in […]

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Less Is More

Less Is More

Less is more… when you can do less in your online business, and get more results. Most of my regular readers know that I coach people who are starting or running an online business. Most of my clients struggle with trying to do more. And they usually want to do more, faster. This almost always […]

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The 20 Percent Solution

What is the 20 percent solution to finishing the big project that’s still sitting on your desktop? After many years of consulting with people both online and offline as to accomplishing their goals, I’ve pretty much come to this conclusion… The average client I work with (call her “Kathy”) does a really great job of […]

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