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The Inner Marketer Day 3

“Code Blue” Breakthrough Strategy for Crippling Doubt You have your business plan in order, you are following your daily operations procedures to a “T”. Your ads are running, your list is growing, people are opting in and clicking “Buy Now”…. Then you hit a block.  You can’t seem to figure out a technology glitch, or […]

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The Inner Marketer Day 2

The Inner Marketer Day 2 PROCRASTINATION To be a good marketer, it helps to put all the pieces of each “daily puzzle” on the table, when attempting to solve immediate problems, or organize daily tasks.   Once everything is in place and you’re looking at your vision board and plotting your success strategy… there is one […]

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The Inner Marketer Day 1

The Inner Marketer Day 1 What better way to start the new year with a new slate.  If you are an Internet Marketer or have your own business, you know that there are so many different parts to the “big machine” that you are accountable for.  You follow your guidelines to your financial goals, communicate […]

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A 30 Day Blog Challenge

When my great blogging buddy Beth Hewitt contacted me several weeks ago about the 30 Day Blogging Challenge, I was hesitant to even read about it.  What came to my mind was “Another thing to do?”   But what happened was this kept tugging at my mind.   Well, If you know me, once I get […]

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Blog Review Of 2012

I reviewed my blogs for the past year to see what was the strongest and weakest blogs I’ve written.  I like to measure it by reading the comments that I have received on a particular subject.  My readers will actually read the post!  They will comment and sometimes add to the content to the post. […]

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Inspirational Quotes

I have used these inspirational quotes on Twitter and had many re-tweets and replies.  I wanted to share them with you for your own use.  Even if one quote resonates with you, keep on saying it to yourself to accomplish a new mindset.       My Quotes: Fear and Doubt open up negative energies […]

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Create Your Own Google+ Community

It has been a week since I created a Google+ “Community”, and I’ve been getting lots of positive feedback, and lots of new visitors to my blog because of it.   When the community page came out on Google+ I immediately jumped on it through sheer intuition.  I do believe that if you have a […]

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This post was most recently updated on February 22nd, 2014Raising your sense of worth is a key to gaining the self-confidence you need to reach your goals and attract what you want into your life. In my years of professional psychic consulting, I’ve found that one of the major hindrances to clients’ development and happiness […]

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Blogging Ethics

I haven’t written about blogging in a while, but because I meet so many new bloggers each day, I was compelled to raise the issue of blogging ethics. First, though, let me ask you a question.  Have you ever received a comment on your blog, and then gone back to return the favor only to […]

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Assessing The Past

As we go into the month of December, it is a feeling of “endings” because of the calendar year.  A time to wrap things up (other than gifts lol).  A time to look back and reflect on what accomplishments we have made in the past year. A time you are assessing the past. Some people […]

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15 Holiday Blues

This post was most recently updated on February 22nd, 2014  As lots of folks are getting into the holiday season, there are some that get those holiday blues.  I feel strongly that it is an important issue to consider during this time.  We get messages from everywhere that the holiday season is supposed to be a […]

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Overcoming Overwhelm

What happens when something takes you away from your daily schedule as an Internet Marketer?  What are the feelings that accompany the sudden rush of “overwhelm”, and how do we move beyond them? We can have things all set up, be on a roll with our blogging, social sites, opt-ins and even our ad campaigns.  […]

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