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You Are What You Tweet | With Germany Kent

You Are What You Tweet | With Germany Kent

“You Are What You Tweet”… That’s who your customers and clients will come to know. In other words, your tweets will shape and form your “personal brand.” So, you want to make sure that your tweets portray exactly the kind of personal brand that you want it to. Special: Start Your Blog Today: 3 Easy Steps The […]

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Lik-Dropping Pisses Me off

Link Dropping Pisses Me Off

Did you ever put up a post on a social site and BAM… someone comes in and just drops their affiliate sales link on it?  To make matters worse, the sales link probably has nothing at all to do with your post.  This is why “link dropping” (as I like to call it) totally pisses me off! Social […]

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Developing A Social Media Campaign

Whether you’re trying to promote your blog or company site, develop a personal brand or share valuable content…developing a social media campaign will put you miles ahead of the competition.     I’ve created many social media campaigns to bring attention to things I’ve done.  I’ve certainly used it to brand myself and my blog. […]

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The Shocking Truth About Facebook

Facebook is one of my favorite social media places to hangout.  It is a place where I share the many blogs that I have read, belong to several communities, from business to health and wellness.  I also share my latest blog posts there each week.     Facebook is social and no matter what changes […]

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Keep It Positive

Keeping it Positive

When you are on your social media sites, I’m sure you frequently see discussions and threads about politics and other controversial topics.    For the most part, these conversations are negative.  Do you jump into those conversations and give your views, or do you sit silently with your own opinions and just let it ride? […]

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Social Media

Leveraging Social Media

I have been writing a lot lately about blogging and social media.  In the past two weeks, I’ve hear  from some fantastic bloggers telling me different reasons that they didn’t feel comfortable on the social media platform. Now, that got me thinking!  I love these folks and they are superior bloggers.  So, here is a […]

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Power Of Social Media

The Power of Social Media

  Just the other day I was commenting on a friend’s blog post and syndicating it on Social Media sites.  The post was about a new WordPress plugin that I thought was fantastic.  So I shared it on Google+ as I usually do. In steps a Troll who berates me personally, bordering on sexual harassment, […]

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