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In a course I’m taking called “Social Midas” with Mari Smith and Guy Kawasaki , one of Mari’s quotes keeps running through my mind: “Content Is King, But Engagement Is Queen”.  And, she adds, “the Queen runs the house”. Engagement in the various Social Media platforms is so important if you want to develop good […]

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How To Leverage Your Blog Content

Your blog is the central hub of your internet presence and brand. As such, you need to spend quality time delivering quality information in your posts. But what is the best way to leverage your blog content?   Most of us write a blog, then send it out to all our social sites at the […]

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9 Rules Of Syndication

  I am a social media butterfly.  I love doing what I do.  One of my most important daily activities is syndicating other people. As a blogger for a few years, I find that there are certain ethics when it comes to Syndication.  You want your blog to be active.  You can–and should– set up […]

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The Art of Active Listening

I was in a “Listening” group today, applying the principals of the Art of Listening.  We paired in twos.  Partners had to share statements that they found helpful in stressful situations.   When I am stressed I use a breathing technique.  I count from 1 to 10 without any distraction in my mind.  Sounds easy? […]

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