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Make Blogging Easy

What is the Best Way to Make Blogging Easy?

What is the best way to make blogging easy? Every blogger wants to know. But you really don’t have to struggle hard. First of all, though, I should say that blogging is not easy. It definitely requires a what I’ve called a blogging success mindset. But still, the truth is that making any business successful […]

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how to start and run a blog by yourself

How To Start And Run A Blog By Yourself

“How To Start And Run A Blog By Yourself” is a bit misleading as the title for this article. In fact, if you want to start and run a blog, it’s next to impossible to blog successfully without the assistance of many other people. Not only is it difficult to do everything on your own, […]

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Busy Bloggers are Underachievers

Busy Bloggers Are Underachievers

Busy Bloggers Are Underachievers when they hide behind “being busy.” Whether you are just learning your way around the blogosphere, or you’re itching to take it to the next level, it’s important to understand why “busy bloggers are underachievers.” Here’s a little story to illustrate my point. I don’t like exercising very much. I don’t like […]

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5 Blogging Mistakes

5 Blogging Mistakes

There are 5 blogging mistakes I see all the time. These are mistakes that new bloggers are particularly prone to, but all bloggers should remind themselves of these on a  regular basis. As you read through the mistakes I’ve put on this list, ask yourself how you might improve your blog by paying even closer […]

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The Road Most Traveled

The Road Most Traveled

I’m guilty.  I try to do everything myself. A few days ago I tried cutting shrubs in my yard that were twice my height.  Working over my head with my clippers, I snipped at a branch that fought back.  I ended up with a mild concussion that has pretty much stopped me in my tracks. […]

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The Bloggers Grave

The Bloggers Grave

It was a chilly grey Autumn day with a biting mist in the air when I met Wendy. She recognized me in this small ocean front town as Donna the blogger. I’ve seen her about town, too.  I remembered her because she seemed different than the other women. I couldn’t help but notice how those […]

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5 Wise Bloggers

I want to introduce you to 5 wise bloggers who have been writing some really valuable articles lately. I know each of these 5 wise bloggers very well and wanted to give them the recognition that they are so well deserving of. More than that, since these posts are mostly about blogging, each one you […]

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The Nature Of Your Blog

The Nature Of Your Blog

What’s the nature of your blog? OK, now don’t think I lost it here, but I promise this analogy will help you see that your blog isn’t something dangling in space, but rather part of you, and a part of nature. Humans are part of nature. Everything we do and express becomes part of nature […]

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