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7 Ways You Can Market Online

7 Ways You Can Market Online

In this article I will share 7 Ways You Can Market Online. Now, these are not the only ways to market online, but I consider them to be the 7 most effective ways. Marketing online consists of several components. First, you need to have a clearly defined niche. Second, you have to determine what products […]

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What Is Your ROI

What’s Your ROI?

Whether folks tell me their ad campaigns are going well, or not as well as they like, I immediately ask “what’s your ROI?” “ROI” is your “return on investment.” This is a pretty standard measure of how successful any particular ad campaign is, or more broadly, how successful your business is. The funny thing is, […]

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Road To Periscope

The Road To Periscope

Walk with me, on “the road to Periscope” today. On a recent call with one of my mentors, it was suggested to me that Periscope is a great way of connecting to people. Now you know me my dear friends, and I love to make connections with others. So I went on my way to […]

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The Internet Marketer Lifestyle

The Internet Marketer Lifestyle

The internet marketer lifestyle is a wonderful one.  Being an internet marketer does take work.  Don’t let anyone tell you different.  There is so much you need to do in order to make your online business work.  It requires full time solopreneurs to be online many hours each and every day. Even when we have […]

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Shrink Your Email List

Shrink Your Email List

Shrink your email list, only if you want to increase your email profits. I know, you’re thinking I’m a bit confused. It sounds funny to talk about “shrinking” your email list when mostly what you hear around the water cooler is to build up your list. Let’s start with this. What’s so great about having […]

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Your Silent Inner Voice

Your Silent Inner Voice

  Your silent inner voice often can speak loud and clear when you allow it. Did you ever get a vision of what you want to do for your business? By this I mean a totally clear understanding not only in your mind but also throughout your entire being. Something that pops up and you […]

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Grow Your Online Business

Growing Your Online Business

You are in business, and you want it to grow.  You may have a grandiose plan in your mind and you may have even started to grow your business. But my question to you is… just how are you growing your online business? Adapting to change can be difficult in our lives, but there is […]

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Early Mover Advantage

Early Mover Advantage

I’m the type of gal that just can’t pass up a bargain.  This is why I like to know all about the latest tools and systems coming out for my business.  I find that when I jump on something new, it is more cost efficient.  So I’m an early mover.  And I’m always looking to […]

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Customer Engagement

When Customer Engagement Matters Most

While building strong relationships with your customers is always the fuel that drives your business, there are times when customer engagement matters most. Those times, are when things go wrong. Lets face it my friends, bad stuff happens in life, and in our business.  Sickness, death, bankruptcy, failures… even bad weather. Just about anything can […]

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Earn More Affiliate Commissions

Earn More Affiliate Commissions

You can earn more affiliate commissions, and I’m going to show you some really cool ways to do that. Well, actually, I won’t be showing you that, today. But I’m going to introduce you to a blogging authority who will. You see, I’ve asked fellow blogger and internet marketer, Enstine Muki, to step up to […]

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2015 Sales Funnels

Sales Funnels In 2015

I’ve been telling my clients to start their sales funnels in 2015. More than a few of them, knowing nothing about sales funnels, have asked me to suggest ways to get their businesses on the right track for the new year. The “Know-Nothings” Some of my clients don’t have any business at all, really.  I affectionately call […]

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The Perfect Blend To Grow Your Business

The Perfect Blend

As a child growing up in an Italian American home, every Sunday I would wake up to the sweet aroma of a fresh sauce cooking slowly on the stove top. My dad loved to spend Sunday mornings creating that perfect blend for his pasta sauce. It was quite a labor of love.  It took him several hours to make. Now, […]

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