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Got Business Swag

Got Business Swag?

How about it… you got business swag? Do you strut your swag? Do you do what you gotta do, to build it? You see, we all have swag. One of the slang definitions of “swag” from the Online Slang Dictionary (dot com) is this: The appearance of being very cool, smooth, looking good, dressing nice […]

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Blogging For Network Marketers

Blogging For Network Marketers

I’m often asked, how important is blogging for network marketers? Well, if you’re a network marketer, you were most likely trained to go to your warm market, and then reach out gradually into the cold market.  A typical cold market plan set forth is to make a goal of talking to 5 or 10 people a day. Don’t worry about the […]

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Blogging For Network Marketers

Network marketers need to build teams.  Teams of customers, but even more importantly, teams of sales reps or organization “down-lines”. Team building is why they’re be engaged in network marketing to begin with.  Yet, they’re frequently content to settle for a company website or the “company replicated blog”.  That’s a big mistake, though. The whole […]

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LinkedIn – My Secret Weapon

LinkedIn is my secret weapon   I used to call LinkedIn my “Secret Weapon” for my business.  I am glad to see more and more people using it regularly.   I find that the platform on LinkedIn is more business-like compared to Facebook.    To me, Facebook is becoming more and more crowded and I […]

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Success Is Built On Encouragement

I‘m visiting my step daughter and her new baby this week.  It is a quiet little New Jersey neighborhood where most of the homes are filled with young families. As I was sitting outside this afternoon getting some vitamin D from the sun, I watched a young mom with her child teaching her how to […]

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A Day In The Life Of A “Life Coach”

As a “Life Coach”, I often work with clients who are struggling in various Network Marketing businesses.  This week, I worked rather intensely with a couple who are internet newbies.  Among other issues, they wanted me to show them how to use the internet to “quickly” build a downline and rise to the top in […]

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